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Policy Decision Point⚓︎

The Policy Decision Point (PDP) provides the platform policy database and associated service for access policy decision requests.

Helm Chart⚓︎

The PDP is deployed via the pdp-engine helm chart from the EOEPCA Helm Chart Repository.

The chart is configured via values that are fully documented in the README for the pdp-engine chart.

helm install --version 1.1.12 --values pdp-values.yaml \
  --repo \
  pdp pdp-engine


At minimum, values for the following attributes should be specified:

  • Public hostname of the Authorization Server, e.g.
  • IP Address of the public facing reverse proxy (Nginx Ingress Controller), e.g.
  • Name of Persistent Volume Claim for pdp-engine persistence, e.g. eoepca-userman-pvc
    The boolen value volumeClaim.create can be used for the PVC to be created by the helm release. This creates a volume of type host-path and, hence, is only useful for single-node development usage.

Example pdp-values.yaml

  name: eoepca-userman-pvc
  create: false

Additional Information⚓︎

Additional information regarding the PDP can be found at: