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Deployment Guide⚓︎


See the ChangeLog for any updates/fixes that have been made to the tip since the v1.4 release.
This may include relevant fixes that you may wish to take account of in your deployment.

The Deployment Guide captures each release of the EOEPCA Reference Implementation, by providing for each version…

  • Description of how each building-block is configured and deployed - see Deploy EOEPCA Components
  • Scripted deployment in which each building-block can be selectively deployed to form a system - see Getting Started

A full system deployment is described, in which components are deployed with complementary configurations that facilitate their integration as a coherent system. Nevertheless, each component can be cherry-picked from this system deployment for individual re-use.

The deployment is organised into the following sections:

  • Getting Started
    A quickstart guide with associated scripts to facilitate example deployments, which preempt the descriptions that follow later in the document.
    Scripts are provided in a variety of ‘profiles’ that deploy different combinations of building-blocks for different notional use cases.
  • Prepare Cluster
    Establish the Kubernetes cluster and other prerequisites for the deployment of the EOEPCA system.
  • Deploy EOEPCA Components
    Deployment of the EOEPCA components.