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Simple Deployment⚓︎

A deployment wrapper script has been prepared for a ‘simple’ deployment - designed to get a core local deployment of the primary servies.

The script deploy/simple/simple achieves this by appropriate configuration of the environment variables, before launching the deployment script. The deployment configuration is captured in the file deploy/simple/simple-options.

The simple deployment applies the following configuration:

  • Assumes a private deployment - i.e. no external-facing IP/ingress, and hence no TLS
    To configure an external-facing deployment with TLS protection, then see section Public Deployment
  • No TLS for service ingress endpoints
  • Configuration of ‘open’ interfaces - i.e. service/API endpoints that are not protected and can accessed without authentication. This facilitates experimentation with the services
  • Configuration of ADES stage-out to a local instance of minio, on the assumption that access to CREODIAS buckets for stage-out (via Workspace) is not an option

Initiate Deployment⚓︎

Deployment is initiated by invoking the script…


See section Deployment for more details regarding the outcome of the scripted deployment.


See section Protection for more details regarding the protection of the deployed services - which, for the simple deployment, is performed via the script deploy/simple/simple-protection