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User Management Deployment⚓︎

A deployment wrapper script has been prepared for a ‘user management’ deployment - that is focused on the Login Service, PDP and User Profile.

The script deploy/userman/userman achieves this by appropriate configuration of the environment variables, before launching the deployment script. The deployment configuration is captured in the file deploy/userman/userman-options.

The user-management deployment applies the following configuration:

  • Assumes a private deployment - i.e. no external-facing IP/ingress, and hence no TLS
    To configure an external-facing deployment with TLS protection, then see section Public Deployment
  • No TLS for service ingress endpoints
  • Services deployed:
    • Login Service
    • Policy Decision Point (PDP)
    • User Profile
  • Other eoepca services not deployed

Initiate Deployment⚓︎

Deployment is initiated by invoking the script…


The Login Service is accessed at the endpoint auth.<domain> - e.g.